Ninja High School

Continuing with our goof-hop weekend here at the Hive, ladies and gentlemen…introducing Ninja High School. Self-proclaimed “positive hardcore dance rap,” Toronto-based NHS go out of their way to avoid hip-hop clichés pulling from post-structuralist theory and art criticism. Sure it sounds heady, but Ninja High School’s got mad skillz at breaking down grandiose ideas into catchy, party-perfect, sing-along choruses. It’s up to you whether or not you tap your local lit department for your next Barthes party.

4 Replies to “Ninja High School”

  1. Not really into it. Who is into nerd rap?
    Unless the nerdy rapper is Adeem I want no part of it. It's like when I see an article hailing MC Paul Barman (that might be spelled wrong) as the next great thing. It's way off base.

  2. i am really digging these guys right now. i guess i'm a sucker for the nerd core. they remind me of a group called i-45 from houston, same kind of flow. anyway, bring on the nerdcore.

  3. best live show ever. 20 minutes of the biggest party ever.
    they're good on this record too, though. really really catchy beats.

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