Danger Doom

Danger Mouse, MF Doom, and [adult swim] — arguably the dopest producer, MC, and television block of irreverent cartoon programming out there — joined forces to create the ultimate theme album. Now, not all dream teams play out as well in real life as they do on paper (sorry, Yankees fans), but this one lives up to its full potential. [adult swim] players pop in and out of the album’s loose narrative while Doom and DM take their goading, goofing, and gabbing in stride. And what an ill stride it is…


2 Replies to “Danger Doom”

  1. Haha Yes! Dangermouse! I knew 3hive couldn't contain him to just Dm and Gemini. Personally I like his efforts with Gemini or with just straight up producing without close ties to just one MC, such as his amazing mixtapes, more than his Danger Doom album.

  2. This is one of the most interesting, and attention grabbing alblums i've ever heard. I must say i'm not tha biggest fan of rap or hip hop but this takes the cake as one of my favorite cd's out. I'm hooked on Mf doom, and Danger mouse.

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