Paul Duncan

All I knew of this guy going into my first listen was his first and last name. After a few spins of “Oil in the Fields” — a eulogy which managed to break my heart by the end of the first verse — I feel as though I know volumes despite its sparing lyrics. Like any good songwriter, he understands the importance of the spaces between. His rich voice and talent for orchestration makes such studied restraint that much more enchanting. If the whole album (due November 8) is as good as these two tracks, I may need to make room on my “Best of 2005” list.

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  1. That music is really nice. Its something like diefenbach from danemark. But Paul Duncan is not from danemark :] I really must look for that album.

  2. What a great site you have goin here. This is by far one of the best kept mp3 blogs I have seen in my journey to find new and cool music. I can do nothing but agree with your thoughts on Paul Duncan. Keep up the good work fellas.

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