More like Sickalicious! The world would be a sorry place without Xcel at the board building timeless beats, and Gab, schooling us with his warm rhymes on how things are and how they ought to be: namely, one world, one people, grooving together to their finely-honed craft. Sure it’s been a long three years since their last album, but cut ’em some slack, they’ve been punching the clock after hours working on Maroons, Gab’s solo record, and introducing the world to the likes of Apsci, Curumin, and General Elektriks.

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  1. The only good things about the AM Minneapolis commute were the public access radio shows; Good Noise, Rock House & Fubar Omniverse. Somewhere in there I got hooked on Lyrics Born, and followed the trail… The Quannum Collective always leaves me speechless, and this album is no exception.

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