La Laque

La Laque is not a French band. Sure, they sing in French, and the name is French, but no one in the band is French. Les filles parlent francais, mais les garcons ne parlent pas francais (need to run that by Sam, 3hive’s resident Francophone). Regardless of origin, NYC’s La Laque do have a more eccentric pop outlook, and they’re not afraid to let the violin drive the song, as shown in “Secret” from their split single with PAS/CAL.

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  1. Like that 80s french movie about a teen party called "the party", times ten, put in a song.
    It's so awesome i feel like having a baby!!

  2. "the girls speak french but the boys do not speak french." (thats what that italic part says)
    ahhh the canadian second official language of Canada. 🙂
    awesome song!

  3. Lovely song, especially the beginning. The girls' French is quite good and understandable. Sounds like one of our Anglo-French singer, Jane Birkin, that is: really sexy.

  4. La Laque – snobby Brooklynite 20-somethings married to their clothing choice. Their music attracts jerks and disgruntled Wall Street workers.

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