The Morning After Girls

When I lived in San Francisco, I worked for a company whose founders were from Melbourne, a city they often called “Australia’s San Francisco” for its artistic community and hipster quotient. It makes sense, then, that the Morning After Girls, whose delicious guitar psychedelia sounds perfect on a podcast next to San Fran’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, would hail from Melbourne. They are too cool for school, no doubt, but with the Cobain-esque wail of “High Skies” and the Ride-esque riffs of “Straight Thru You,” they make school seem way less than cool anyway.

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  1. So glad you posted this. I heard them on Morning Becomes Eclectic and added them to my mental bookmark list. Then all hell broke loose. Great track.

  2. That is such a great description of what Melbourne is like. Our city rocks so much more than Sydney!
    And our bands are awesome too!
    You should check out British India, another melbourne band who are currently making the rounds…good stuff are going to come of them, i can feel it!

  3. Calling Melbourne "Australia's San Francisco" is true when you're thinking about weather. But culturally? Nah. Melbourne is Chicago, plus pretension and waaaaaay too much black.
    Thanks for the link, though. At least something good has come out of Melbourne since Paul Kelly.

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