Kingfisherg is from Liege, Belgium, and is on Carte Postal Records. Now you know as much as I do about Kingfisherg. But with electronic music this enchanting, that’s really all you need to know. You see, at my new job, I’m on the other side of a raspberry-colored cubicle wall from a woman who listens to easy listening that frankly BLASTS from the radio on her desk. No, it’s not actually that loud, but I cannot think while being forced to listen to this music. Fortunately for me, I can put on my headphones and listen to Kingfisherg’s brand of easy listening.

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  1. Just a short notice to say that the label is based in Namur and not in Liège. But from an Amercian perspective, this doesn't make a big difference, does it?

  2. "TheHeartspray" is like an emotional side of a human being-that's what I reckon about this album! I had a chance to see Kingfisherg at a concert and the atmosphere is connected with the songs and their moods.The emotions of victory are on his way…cant wait to see what's next for Kingfisherg!

  3. … un album prometteur avec beaucoup de voies émotives, c’est une musique expérimentale mais intéressant écouter lui… nous devrions garder un oeil pour Kingfisherg !

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