Les Georges Leningrad

Petrochemical Rock. That’s how Les Georges Leningrad describe their music. These crazy Montreal post-punks are concussive, explosive, and just plain loopy. Imagine Atari Teenage Riot raised as Quebequois on The Fall and performance art.


4 Replies to “Les Georges Leningrad”

  1. I can see how you’d really have to mellow digital hardcore to get to this. Try: Melt Banana covering Babyland.
    It definitely sounds like junk punk. Maybe a really raw version of VCR. The vocals are somewhere between Metalux and The Yeah, Yeah Yeahs.
    You nailed the requirement for performace art appreciation!

  2. By far the best Montreal band on the scene, hell best new band (other than Adult.) which I have heard in years.
    do the DaDa baby

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