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Apologies in advance: Today’s post may be yesterday’s news and I may just be late to the Lewis Taylor party. Sorry, it’s just a bit of a shock to find something so great that I overlooked for so long. But enough about this blogger’s insecurities. Lewis Taylor is a British soul singer/multi-instrumentalist with a voice like warm butterscotch and an ear for music like no soul you’ve ever heard. Before you conjure images of Joss Stone or Jamiroquai, rest assured that Lewis Taylor is for real – he’s not simply playing his parents’ vinyl collection, he’s taking soul to places it hasn’t been before. But, it doesn’t hurt that he hits with velvet gloves like Marvin Gaye and arranges with the kaleidoscope mind of Prince. (He also goes his own way under the radar like the inimitable Joe Henry – not a soul man, but a darn fine musician you should seek out.) As you browse through these highlights, you’ll hear some guitar and crooning that could be Ben Harper on a rainy day, some space-jazz this side of Miles Davis fusion, and even a few moments that are more electronically out there (Radiohead’s name pops up often in other people’s Taylor descriptions, and Kruder + Dorfmeister offer a remix here). Or, you’ll hear all of the above in the same track. And, if you haven’t already fallen, you’ll love it all.


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  1. Grab all his albums. They’re fantastic. However, start with Stoned Part 1 and move up from there. You’ll really appreciate the progression and diversity of his stuff. Glad you found it!
    First time I’ve been here. I like the site.

  2. Please start with his first album, it's his darkest album musically which is my personal opinion, but I think the strongest.

  3. Glad you found him. Yes, his music is mindblowingly good. I'd sy start w/ the first cd, sit with it a while, move on to the second (Lewis II), sit with it for a while, then move on to Stoned Pt. 1 (#3). They are all amazing feats of music. Rich. And different.

  4. Thank GOD U all found HIm _ HE is HEAVY… been wastching him for a while…first album still makes me cry…. deep and dark…the Next Level in music and entertainment…ThanK God Someone Found him….He's from my Home Town London…. But I just heard Him in STARBUCKS in Barcelona (where I now Live)…Spread the Word …there is a change gonna Come!

  5. Indeed…since hearing Stoned (pt.1) my life has been better. Its not often that I hear an album that opens my ears in ways such as Taylor's. I just got his 96 release and am seeking out the others. I'm sure I'll remain an enthusiast for the greater part of my life.

  6. Only been introduced to him some 4 years ago and haven’t stopped raving about him since. Music is my life and LT a great inspiration. Thanks.

  7. yes, Lewis is probably one of the true talents of his generation, no exaggeration. He plays the Jazz Cafe in London nearly every January for a few nights and I can honestly say these gigs rank with the very best you’ll ever see… musician, singer, all-round weirdo, he’s got it all. Whoever made the Marvin / Prince comparison, that just about nails it, the funniest thing being that he’s a) white b) from one of the dullest suburbs of london. Proof that talent will out. What a guy.

  8. I’ve loved this guy’s music since that first, incredible solo outing (ten years ago, now!). Serious, serious talent – yet so far under the radar it’s unbelievable.
    Easily the best thing to come out of the Edgar Broughton Band (ha!).

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