Kiss Me Deadly

Regular readers of 3hive will recall Sam mentioning on Monday that he should be tested for OCD (although I would replace “tested” with “treated”). You will also recall my many posts that taken together demonstrate my own obsessive compulsive behavior. It’s music; how could we react any other way? The focus of this week’s OCD-ness is another Montreal band on the Alien8 label, Kiss Me Deadly. Formerly emo/math rock, KMD have moved towards a dancier sound that’s still deeply EMOtional, full of earnest energy and rather dependent on the ’80s. If only KMD had been around in the ’80s, I might have actually enjoyed years of school and church dances. These songs from KMD’s tour-only EP Amoureux Cosmiques provide a glimpse into their full-length due out this fall.

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  1. Thanks for this. Saw them in Hollywood at the Bloc Party show a few months back. I really liked their sound and energy. Thanks for the tracks! =)

  2. Completely off-topic…
    Your google ad for this entry is for a Compulsive Overeating treatment program 🙂
    I guess Google is still working out the bugs.

  3. i stumbled upon this while looking up research stuff on kiss me deadly, the film from the 1950s. haha. and it was a nice surprise. i downloaded the two tracks listed and they’re really good. hahahah.

  4. "dance 1" was my 2nd fave song of 2005. it's so addictive for some reason. I just can't stop playing it again & again.
    "glosoli" was no. 1 fave tune from last year, btw.

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