The Free Design

Early in its conception, Seattle-based, Light in the Attic Records acquired the re-issue rights to The Free Design, an obscure pop band straight outta the ’60s. Over the past year the label has offered up 12″ remixes by the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf, Super Furry Animals, and Stereolab. After completing the three part series you can now find all the remixes and more on one CD: The Now Sound Redesigned. This is some of the best remix curating I’ve heard in a long while and available just in time — before summer ends…

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  1. Thanks for posting these tracks and drawing further attention to this excellent CD. Yesterday, I was listening (over and over) to the remix of "I Found Love," which alone is more than worth the price of the CD.

  2. "This is some of the best remix curating I've heard in a long while and available just in time"
    Me too.
    I'm not too fond of Light in the Attic's other main staple, the Deep Throat OST, but I think they deserve some kind of award for bringing the Free Design stuff to light to begin with, and now for… um… "contemporizing" it.
    I really want to purchase this and listen to it as a whole album. The "interludes" by Nobody should be really interesting.

  3. This is probably one of the best remix albums i have heard in a long time. I aquired the promo version of this quirky little CD at the record shop where i work in England and i liked the look of it so i bought it…FANTASTIC! 'Where Do I Go' and 'I Found Love'.. hypnotizing.. i can listen again and again. superb work!
    I'd really like to hear some more of nobody's work, saw him do a live set once and it was brill, but haven't heard anything else since (other than this album).

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