Stereo Total

Fool that I am, I spent 11 years of schooling and two years of on-location training to become more or less fluent in French…only to fall in love and want to spend the rest of forever with a woman who thinks “French sounds stupid.” Of course, this only fuels my desire to play musique en français around the house. Even better if it’s catchy enough to get The Mrs. dancing in spite of herself. So, the giddy, candy-like pop of Berlin’s Stereo Total — featuring the coquette-ish vocals of Françoise Cactus — provides the ultimate weapon in our little civil war. (Cactus also sings in English and German, and sometimes about serious topics, just not when my wife’s around.) The band’s website features a ton of rarities with downloadable art so you can make your very own CD and join the good fight.

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  1. Classic group – didn't they have something to do with Momus? I especially like a manic french 60s pop track called, i think, In/Out…fantastically evocative of people wearing striped jumpers, animal heads and mismatching shoes all trying to sqeeze into an elevator…

  2. Great band, great review, only Stereo Total is not Belgian. They are based in Germany (Berlin) and are half German/half French (Françoise Cactus, the vocalist being from Bergundy, and Brezel Göring, the everything else, being from Germany).

  3. mein bad! good catch, doug. it's only front and center on their bio page… the post has been corrected, the author has been sacked 🙂

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