Please do not confuse Mus, the delightful Spanish duo of Fran Gayo and Mónica Vacas, with MUS, short for Memphis University School, the all-boy prep school I attended from 7th through 9th grades. First of all, Mus has a female, and there were no females at MUS. Mus use the soaring female voice as an instrument, highlighting their minimal approach, be it coolly electronic or calmly acoustic. And that voice sings in Asturian, from the Principality of Asturias in northwest Spain, making Mus as mysterious as a girl at an all-boy prep school.

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  1. This song is an old Asturian lullaby, or the lyrics are at least. I spent a month there doing daycare and daytrips on the weekends. The land is fucking gorgeous there.
    This rendering of the song’s pretty gorgeous too. Thanks.

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