Time for some band genealogy: more than a decade ago, drummer Jason Zumpano stole singer/guitarist Carl Newman from a covers band and formed, simply, Zumpano. Their debut album, on Sub Pop, Look What The Rookie Did, is pure genius. Easily one of my favorite records of the past ten years. See, while too many bands haphazardly claim to be influenced by The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Zumpano is one of the few that make the influence count. After two records Newman and Zumpano went their separate ways and formed The New Pornographers and Sparrow, respectively. It took me a while to track down Sparrow, but it’s been worth the wait.

3 Replies to “Sparrow”

  1. wow, these guys are good. time to add another to the “to buy list”.
    it looks like the inflight music site is down, but i was able to download The Early Years from absolutely kosher’s site.

  2. It sends a nice message. (E.g. “groovy time to be alive.) Melodies seem like a good balance between sad and peppy. Very interesting combination, indeed.

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