Tiger Baby

I’ve always maintained the theory that no matter what kind of music you grew up listening to, you can find it, recreated somehow, someway in a current band. However, whether or not you’re open-minded to it is another story. Some people get stuck in the past and are happy to be there. Those who don’t read 3hive. So it finally hit me who Tiger Baby remind me of (and I can’t wait to play it for my wife, Alisa, who’s a huge fan of): Claudia Br�cken and her projects Propaganda and Act. Tiger Baby represent faithfully the heart and soul the aforementioned bands injected into ’80s synth pop. We’ll see if my hypothesis holds when these tracks end up in Alisa’s iPod.

06/11/06 Update: Even More DK Music: New Tigerbaby MP3

5 Replies to “Tiger Baby”

  1. I've a huge fan of both Propaganda and Claudia and while I like Tiger Baby (and will be buying their album), I'm not sure that they properly capture the hard edge of the original Propaganda and Claudia albums. Tiger Baby sounds more like Ivy and Propaganda's 1234 (sans Claudia)

  2. I definitely don’t think Tiger Baby sound like Propaganda at all. They might sound a little bit like Act, or perhaps Claudia Brucken’s solo album. To me, Tiger Baby are certainly going after the Saint Etienne sound, especially in their more disco sounding tracks.

  3. I think it's a very unique song.It's such a cool song with extraordinary elements.I think Tigerbaby will be heard by lots of people in the future.There you go,guys!!Tigerbaby rules!

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