Applied Communications

Applied Communications is quite an appropriate moniker for the music of Max Hood. Max takes all types of communications and applies them straight to your ears. A cacophonous symphony of electronic sounds, beats, and tones brace up the delivery of almost stream-of-consciousness thoughts and tirades in the combined traditions and styles of Cex, They Might Be Giants, the Circle Jerks, and Henry Rollins. When Max repeats, “I don’t know how to play any instruments” over and over at the beginning of “Do You Know What I’m Saying?”, you realize, well, that’s not really his point, is it?

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  1. Hmm… I really like "Do you know what I am saying"… this music is out there… so bad it's good, not to mention amusing…and the titles have nothing to do with the actual songs

  2. the kid's family was all gone at 16. he lived with a grandparent. his mom had just died, and he did this in a few months. it's depressing.

  3. i seriously thought his name was max wood. it seemed fortiutous. i used to think he was a joke band but listening back i hear a lot of pavement and sebadoh. but i wonder if thats in the music or if im just reading it there.
    i still kinda think theyre a joke band. but more somewhere between the way the moldy peaches and ben folds are joke bands. except without the emotions, if that makes sense. actually the only emotion i hear is anxiety. and i personally can relate.

  4. this sucks so much ass its not even funny. sure the kids depressed about his mother, but anxiety doesnt necessarily equal good music. It sounds like something you'd make on Garageband. its one thing to be creative and innovative, but this is just random crap slopped together by a kid whos trying to find an outlet to express himself through.

  5. The point isn't in the music. The point is in the lyrics that would sound pretentious without instrumental backing, but are instead taken out of poetry context and into lyrical to make it more along the lines of a charming juvenile encapsulation of angst. Go listen to TVP and get back to this.

  6. Most of you are all fucking idiots. Appl Com is great- the lyrics are honest, the music is more than unique. He's saying what comes to his head- so what if it doesn't make sense, do all of your thoughts make sense? He just has the balls to put it out there. A + Max.

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