Rilo Kiley

I’d love to find newer and better-quality Rilo Kiley MP3s on the Internet, but I guess these will have to do. (I know there’s a downloadable track on the Barsuk website, but it sounds like it was recorded on one of those little microphones they used to have on boomboxes.) The stellar voice of Jenny Lewis sounds like summer to my ears, especially on “With Arms Outstretched,” a big old smile of a song that features both clapping hands and a rag-tag chorus. I’ll mess around with my favorite line from the song to thank Katherine for cluing me in to Rilo Kiley and wish her well in Chicago: I hope your days by the lake don’t go too fast.

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  1. jenny lewis' voice is like sunshine. thank you for posting rilo kiley;every time i thought my day was going to be bad i went and looked at this and suddenly it wasn't anymore. 🙂

  2. I can't wait for Jenny's solo album in January. I was disappointe witn Blake sennett's The Elected, but have always liked her songs better.

  3. gorilla vs. bear posted a few live jenny solo tracks a week or so ago. haven't had a chance to listen to them closely yet, but for any who are interested…
    and i love both of these choices.

  4. If I'm not mistaken, Jenny Lewis is one of the voices of Postal Service. And apparently a former child star on one of those generic 80's TV sitcoms that seem to be all the rage in the hipster t-shirt community these days.

  5. i know blake sennet was from the television show "salute your shorts" on old-school nickleodeon! do you remember those shows? pete and pete, salute your shorts, hey dude!?

  6. Actually…..Jenny was the girl from that feature length nintendo comercial, The Wizard (with Fred Savage and Christian Slater)

  7. A better sounding 128 kbps mp3 file for "With Arms Outstretched" can be found on

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