Invincible Overlord

As a kid I always had trouble convincing my parents that the members of the Dead Kennedys were talented musicians, that they chose to play the music they did, sing the songs they sang (“Kill The Poor” or “Let’s Lynch the Lanlord”) to make a statement. They wouldn’t have it. Although today, after suffering through four sons with similar tastes in music, they get it. Invincible Overlord proves my point. Many popular musicians are (gasp) actual musicians. This is the moonlighting project from a member of a band that will remain unnamed here. I’ll leave that for you to discover. These songs are an old school take on a new school style. Instrumentation over samples. Like Four Tet unplugged or Prefuse 73 pre-digital cut and paste. Invincible Overlord concentrate on the I and the M in IDM.

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  1. I really enjoy the music that is pounding out of the computer as IO is playing. The musicians must be extremeley talented n stuff. I am unable to fully express the feeling i recieve while listening to the tunes of Invincible Overlord. I hear that they are great musicians and i hear the proof. I find the clapping in Behind the Mountains to be tricky I like that they change it up. It sounds pretty cool. Also the vocals in My light is as bright as the sun really proves that one of the members of this duo really has some vocal pipes! I also see the proof of my previous statements when the members of IO play along with Matt Costa. This dynamic duo are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys good music. If you dont like good music i still recommend it n stuff. OK so I hope you listen to it! IO rocks.. I am sure the people residing in the name of IO are pretty cool if only I knew for sure.

  2. I find "the living album" of Invincible Ovelord incredibly amazing. It truly showcases the creativity and love of music that the musicians have.

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