Bitmap is the solo project of one Luke Barwell, formerly of the British band Salako (not to be confused with former Crystal Palace, Coventry, and Reading winger John Salako, now at Brentford, if you’ll pardon the English soccer reference). For all of you out there wondering what Revolver would have sounded like had Beck been fronting the Beatles, with Brian Wilson as sound engineer, Bitmap’s latest album Micro/Macro will satisfy that curiosity.

5 Replies to “Bitmap”

  1. strangely enough, i feel like you’re right about the beatles+beck+brian wilson equation… didn’t really expect that. it’s good stuff!

  2. there is already an electronic music artist who has been releasing music under the the name Bitmap for years now. hmmm

  3. Definatly a hit on my list. I love the candy, happy, upbeat style in “Someone To Call My Own”.

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