Thao Nguyen

Imagine walking into the Nguyen family laundromat in suburban D.C. and hearing these sounds coming from behind the counter as young Thao honed her raspy lovelorn poetry between bundles of laundry. Man, I would have run up such a huge bill…

13 Replies to “Thao Nguyen”

  1. Incredible, thank you so much for introducing me to her music. Havent heard of a Vietnamese indie artist before.

  2. Wow. I listened to the first thirty seconds of Chivalry and immediately came back to pick up the other track. Thanks.
    She sounds like a drunk and loose and sexy Edie Brickell.

  3. Hey yall, thanks very much for your kind words…
    the website is now if anyone is interested, and the full length is available at
    but no pressure.

  4. Both of these tracks are awesome, they're in pretty much every playlist I have! I hope this album gets released in the UK soon.

  5. I’m glad to see you scored the Laura Veirs show. I’m pressing a large flake of Redman between your album cover. You know, just as a memento. Nashville, ho. (Tomorrow!) And, yes, I’m on the internet.

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