The Frames

First, some bidness. We’re happy to announce our first reskin since we started 3hive just over a year ago. Jon has whipped up some hot new colors for spring and a tighter, meaner sidebar featuring our patented Navotron technology. If you’re having trouble seeing any of this new sweetness and hence have no idea what we’re going on about, holding down your shift key and hitting the refresh/reload button in your browser a couple of times should do the trick. And now…
Although it would be easy to dismiss the Frames as a Celtic Indigo Boys for the way their fans can sing along so dutifully to “Star Star” and “Lay Me Down,” consider this post (and the hardly-facile climax to “Dream Awake”) an admonition not to dismiss The Frames so quickly. The harmonies are sweet, the lyrics are tepid, the guitar strumming is as reassuring as a bubbling brook — and in spite of all this, they sound awfully fine to these aging ears.

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  1. Woah, thanks for these. Live music is typically chill-inducing, but these guys totally made me grin this morning.
    Nice work on the redesign – simple, clean, effective. Slick!

  2. hoho. disagree. I think the Frames are awful; I can't connect at all with the three tunes. Of the Anti downloads the oldboys are the best: Cave and Waits (sounding very much like he did at his best – ie around "Blue Valentine" (critics and students around disagree – big deal)).

  3. The Frames are simply awesome. Saw them live in Melbourne a few weeks ago (supported by another Irishman, Mark Geary) and they were brilliant — the live album, Set List, is a must-have.

  4. i think the frames must be listened and seen "live" – if you listen to Headlong you'll fall in love with them.
    (better still, get the Australian Tour EP, with Headlong, Pavement Tune, and Mic Christopher's Heyday).
    (and thank you for the work on this site!)

  5. God i really don't like Glen Hansard…he's so over confident and irritating…anyone can play E B and A and sing quietly and make a pretty song…he's hardly talented in anything but stupid idle banter with the crowd now, is he? His music, once you think about it, is just so empty.

  6. No way. Liam (above), obviously an avid Frames fan was my university lecturer last year.
    Hmmm unlike him I was not suitably on top of my game to check this band out when they were in Melb , even though I was aware of their presence.
    Burn the Maps has got me back into their sound such that I am now regretting my laxness in not attending the show. Sigh.

  7. Saw the Frames in Dublin (Marley Park). Had never seen them before and only heard a couple of their songs. Brilliannt concert and Set List is well worth a listen.

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