Yeah yeah, I know they’ve hobnobbed with Katie Couric on “The Today Show,” that they’re a couple of preteen sisters, and that they’re all the rage these days, but Smoosh are pretty damn good. Let me share something I learned from listening to “Massive Cure”: Asya and Chloe are not scenesters, hipsters, teenstars, or fakers. They’re in this for the music, the very purest motive there is. Sure, there are lots of indie band comparisons, but 12-year-old Asya sings like a 12-year-old PJ Harvey, and 10-year-old Chloe shuffles the drums like nobody’s business. Girl power!

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  1. i love smoosh and i wil see them on sunday when i go to see the go! team who they are supporting who are also wicked! yay asya and chloe!

  2. They've got motive. They've got style. But I'm not big on them. And they got a bogus website.
    Asya's got pretty good songwriting talent, though.
    Personally I enjoy older-aged bands like the Donnas, the Network, Green Day, the Ramones, etc. But still, it's pretty cool that FINALLY we have some younger rockers, and they're actually female. Crunk.
    And then we've heard of Prussian Blue, much similar to Smoosh in musicians. They're young, thirteen year-old twins named Lamb and Lynx. But the thing is, they're racists, and proud of it. Just take my word for it and look the snotty little blonde b***hes up.

  3. oh my god i luv smoosh!! i've looked everywhere 4 there CD and i cant find it at any stores!!! FYE doesnt have it! borders doesnt! i want it sooo bad!!!! 🙂

  4. The only reason there's so much fuss over them is because they're young, ya I can see their sound developing in the years, but let's face it, it sounds exactly like what it is; two teeny bopper pre teen girls who have no clue what they're doing.
    Their songwriting is terribly simple, and all their songs sound the same and are just plan bad… sorry guys.

  5. i think smoosh is not very immprssive they were on the jimmy kimmel show and amtt dallas was there (i'm in love with him) and i felt sorry for him having to hear that song. The drums were way to loud..and the song just ekpt repeating itself.. i think i was geting a headache.

  6. there r a bunch of people saying smoosh is undeveloped.hello!there little girls!its amazing what there doing!i got there autograph at the fillmore theater.they sound amazing live!!!they r so talented.ur ,apparently, deaf people who cant enjoy anything!!!

  7. How can you say Smoosh suck?
    They are 11 and 13, what do you expect?
    Give them a couple of years and they will sound more mature, they're too young to know what everything in the worlds means, they are gonna write what's happening in their life aren't they?
    So they're not going to write about being on drugs and partying all night are they?
    Also nobody is ugly, everyone is beautiful, how would you like it if someone said you were ugly…

  8. I think they kick ass! I'm usually not into popish stuff, but I really like them. I actually prefer to hear a young girl singing from her heart than some "mature" chick trying to sound hot. As a keyboard player myself, I appreciate a keys driven band. Very few people can really kick it without a guitar, but Smoosh can. Has anyone heard their more recent album Free to Stay? Asy's voice is more developed and their songwriting is even better than before. Lastly, if you can't admit that they're REALLY pretty, you need help. Chloe's bright and glowing pretty and Asya's got that old soul beauty.
    Peace, love and hot music

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