Yes, it was 70+ degrees yesterday in southeast Michigan, and yes, my daughter was playing in the sandbox in the park in short sleeves and no shoes or socks. Yes, the crocuses are in crazy bloom, and yes, the daffodils are ready to break free at any moment. The melancholy trio of songs below are for all of you who know, like me, that it will surely snow one more time this year. (Hayden is Canadian, after all. He knows this to be true, too.)


6 Replies to “Hayden”

  1. joe,
    you live in se michigan? me, too. royal oak.
    love hayden, too. always up for a hayden show at the magic bag (been twice). see you at the next one.

  2. My Montreal neighbour and I both noted that our shovels and car snow brushes were still out. The trees are about to bud, the terrasse owners have started to put their chairs out, tentatively….and the temperatures swoop from 38 to 58 daily….
    Thanks for the Haydn post.

  3. There are a couple of mellow, *springier* songs by this guy at betterpropaganda.com if you are so inclined.

  4. Thanks not only for the great tunes, but also for the great images of spring in Michigan… err… Before it snows again.

  5. Hayden is definately one of my favorite musicians out there at this time… few others i'm intrigued buy:Bright Eyes, The Shins. As much as i love origionality, i find it hard to write music that sounds diferent from this, every member in my band is amazed by this guy… hard to to be influenced…wish i was 18 so i could see one of his shows..

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