Briefly: Lismore skillfully mixes electronics and analog instruments for a sound that hits somewhere between The Postal Service and Portishead. On a side note, the guitar riff in “Tremelo” sounds like a sample from some schlocky pop tune that I can’t put my finger on…Anyone?

9 Replies to “Lismore”

  1. that little riff sounds a bit like the intro to Island in the Sun by Weezer. At least it does to me. Good band. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, but I just can't connect the guitar riff in Tremolo to Island in the Sun. Can't find it, but I must say that I love this song in an unbelievable way.

  3. The guitar riff in Tremolo kind of reminds me of the riff in the second half of El Ten Eleven’s Connie.

  4. I think that guitar riff is from a song by 311… I actually had a strange sense about that guitar riff, so you’re not alone.

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