I’ve dabbled in the writing of fiction. Dabbled being the operative word. My enthusiasm for music has prevented me from moving beyond flirtation with the medium. 3hive’s a perfect example. Here I sit giving more time to the melodies of others than to words of my own. Amandine’s dusty waltz, “Fathers And Sons,” shares the title of a story I’ve been working on for almost two years now. Reminds me I need to put down the iPod and pick up a pen…

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  1. another great swedish band, yes? I’ve been thinking about an all swedish blog for a while now and this band pushed me over the edge (like I don’t have enough to do with two kids, a job and a blog)
    anyway I’ve been downloading songs from here for months and I haven’t liked to you on songs:illinois (a huge oversight) so now I will.
    ps here’s the location of SwedesPlease

  2. beautiful, I too, though young and amateur, like to consider myself a writer, but it is for music like this that I let myself be momentarily distracted from reading or writing, but its in no way a negative distraction; its inspiring stuff

  3. Ah… Sweet banjo… Haven't touched a guitar in months thanks to that instrument… Great sound, beautiful lyrics – look forward to the album.

  4. I’ve had couple of demo tracks from them for a year or so, but finally picked up a copy of Amandine’s album by the same name. The layering and build up in the songs play like a winter morning fog that finally gives way, to reveal a bone-chilling winter rain. Haunting.

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