Hot Hot Heat

For those who like your heat hot hot — and you know who you are — help yourself to a couple MP3s from the forthcoming Elevator. For those who like your heat canned…ahem, well, here’s to you.

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  1. Thanks for posting these tracks; I really needed something upbeat to end my day with. I love “Goodnight Goodnight”, and I can’t wait for “Elevator” to come out!

  2. I agree, “Goodnight, Goodnight” was composed in heaven or something. I’m so mad. They were in town a few months ago, but that was back when I didn’t listen to them much. Darn.

  3. I love all their songs they kick ass :::thanks bryan for showing me this band::: i love them!!!! and i also agree goodnight goodnight was composed in heaven 😉

  4. thanks heaps to the girl who left her home compilated cd in the common room-i listened to it and ‘goodnight goodnight’ was on it-and that’s how i knew about this super awesome band!
    hey someone gimme a shout if u want a penpal thing-i’m from australia 🙂

  5. I love hot hot heat!!!!! they r the best band ever!! I love ne thing they make!!the lead singer is soooooooo hot!Yeppers!

  6. Oh man I can’t wait for that album to come out! I’ve been listening to “Goodnight Goodnight” for hours on end for the past few days and I’m not even tired of it. ^-^*
    I’m pretty strange.

  7. they are so freaking amazing!! and i liked them before they became famous!!yay, go me! im going to see them when they come to town , so hopefully they’ll rock as much as they do on their albums

  8. heya, thanks for putting up goodnight, goodnight, was looking for it on itunes but it wasnt there, just what i needed 🙂 love hothotheat, saw them in oxford ages ago, love their old album, cant wait to get their new one,
    thanks xxx

  9. The first album was awesome, i saw them in sheffield when franz ferdinand supported and i’ve got my ticket for the leeds gig.Elevator will be good as well

  10. I really like this band there awesome goodnight,goodnight is kick ass but in that video the lead singer looks like carrott top. Dont you think ?

  11. I really love Hot Hot Heat. This is the first time i have heard of them and the lead singer is sooo hott. I luv "Goodnight,Goodnight." They look like an awesome band.

  12. kids should stop all this 'the lead singer is hot' nonsense, it's so 15-year-old. and i have the new album. the FIRST one is better by far, but the new album is good. You just can't dance to much of it, which is annoying.

  13. OMG i love hhh.
    they are the best band eva.
    i have twice it was amazin.
    god i love them.
    the music ROCKZ.
    and i liked them before they became famous!!yay, go me!
    im a true fan lol

  14. thank you so much for putting up these tracks. it took me hours to find goodnight goodnight, and you have just whad i'm looking for. you are fight up there with god.

  15. ohhhhhhh i love them so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh the lead singer is soooooo hot and the song goodnight-goodnight is the best

  16. there new music sucks… its so poppy the only good hhh was their old music… now they are loved by all 14 year old girls who think the singer is cute…(disgusting)

  17. haha…that is so true (^) lol…but they are the best…ever!!!!!!!!! I love their new & old stuff, and the singer’s hottt

  18. haha. funny reading all these comments…seen hot hot heat a few times and they've been very good..with all their line-ups! fairly shy when you speak to them but lovely all the same. wasn't sure about the latest album at first but i do love it now 🙂 touch you touch you is prob still my fave song though. spread the word.

  19. all this “OMFGZ THE LEED SINGER IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOTT” shit is just as annoying as “wtf. their new shit sucks.” and all that’s nowhere near that one who said “i liked them before they became famous.” because if you say that, you look like a pompous asshole. jeez people.

  20. Haha…they love me. But really, go for my other band members. They are as cute as me. Anyways, im bit busy so im just saying this to my fans.

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  22. what's with all the ballhoo for "Goodnight"? Sure its great, but it doesn't even match the power and prescence of "Touch you Touch you"!

  23. omy steve ur so fricken hot lol love ur music so much ur videos rock as well paul dustin and steve and luke well theres not much to say but ur all awesome and rok

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