Damon and Naomi

This one’s for Clay, as a bookend to his Dean and Britta post and a celebration/lament of the amount of time we both spent listening to Galaxie 500. While Dean Wareham was off with Luna, et. al., the rhythm section — Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang — made some beautiful music of their own. Subtle, soaring, and consistently artful, D & N’s sixth album comes out in February on their own 20/20/20 record label. “I Dreamed of Caucasus” is off 2002’s Song to the Siren.


3 Replies to “Damon and Naomi”

  1. Cislo, I was going to tell you about these guys the other day. Saw them with Yo La Tengo in September, they were fantastic. Way to read my mind!

  2. Thanks, Joe, D&N are a fitting bookend. I must admit to feeling a little guilty that I haven’t devoted very much time to D&N, as their music sure deserves it, cause every time I get back around to them I realize how good they are.

  3. Thanks, Aram! Thanks, Clay! Check out their first album, "More Sad Hits," for some really nice songwriting. Best wishes for the good life in Ann Arbor and Memphis.

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