Ulrich Schnauss

German, twenty-something with a veritable cornucopia of aliases. If you follow the reverse chronology of music represented here you’ll notice that Mr. Schnauss finally came into his own, name and music, after an early output of more than competent drum ‘n’ bass. On his latest work, A Strangely Isolated Place Schnauss composes lush, atmospheric tracks that’d fit like bricks into My Bloody Valentine’s or Chapterhouse’s wall of sound.


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  1. ulrich is very special…..he is tears and laughter together….i write music in dublin and like everybody I have millions of albums and music everywhere but Mr Schnauss is where i go when i need inspiration..
    love from dublin

  2. Im in my mid teens and everyone knows how the mixed emotions fall into that age. When I listen to Ulrich, I forget all about my bloody papers and such that are due. I let lose, relax, and feel small.

  3. Ulrich Schnauss should take the credit for most of my paintings this year. Everything that I painted while listening to this CD (on repeat) sold at an art show.
    I saw him in Minneapolis this year and he looks like a cross bewteen Beethoven and a vampire. He was just rocking back and forth on a bench, black hair everywhere, pounding the keyboard. He opened for M83, they completely sucked but Ulrich can sure throw down! I would bet money that plants would grow if you played them this CD.

  4. Well, I have been an amateur musician for as many years as I can remember, and have been trying to make my own kind of music, but have never found out what MY music is. After I listened to Ulrich Schnauss, I realised that this is the kind of stuff I was born to listen to and born to make. Ulrich’s music is just something else, it goes beyond just music and into an area that as yet has no description. Truly a genius.

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