Tegan and Sara

So, like, Tegan and Sara are these mildly punky twin sisters from Vancouver (I even read somewhere that theyíre lesbians!) drinking, cursing, and bickering their way through their mid-20s, or something like that. Whatever. Like most Canadians, Tegan and Sara rock out when they need to, slow it down the same way, and have entire albums filled with songs reflecting the requisite angst and confusion brought on by being or doing some or all of those things listed in the first sentence.


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  1. hey cool, i’ve been watching and listening for months and now there’s people i’ve heard! saw tegan and sarah at the winnipeg folk festival this summer past. didn’t run down to the record tent to buy their disc, a little goes a long way, but they had some excellent moments. love the site – spot on commentary. thanks

  2. I just found out about this band a few months ago or so and I completely fell in love with them! I went to their concert in Minneapolis also! I love Tegan and Sara!

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