Kelley Stoltz

I’m a sucker for bedroom recordings and Kelley Stoltz has certainly raised my lo-fi expectations. Unable to settle with any one sound, Stoltz wanders from spaced-out, folk songs, to downtempo Nick Drake moments, to Theremin-tinged psychedelia. Add to this his solo interpretations of classic Echo & The Bunnymen songs and it’s as plain as the nose on your face that you’ve been missing something. This may be your first taste of Kelley Stoltz, but I’d wager it ain’t your last.

7 Replies to “Kelley Stoltz”

  1. How does he manage to fit the entire Brian Jonestown Massacre into his bedroom?
    I find myself completely mesmorized by his version of "Rescue".

  2. Wow. I read about Kelley Stoltz in MOJO and thought it was music snob hype, but this is the real thing. The sincerity of his music and amazing songwriting is really something.

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