Postal Service

Now that our beloved Postal Service appear destined to become a Harvard Business School case study, Sub Pop is scrambling to keep up with demand. Pending some new original material, that means releasing Give Up on vinyl with a bonus (if you don’t already own the CD singles, that is) 12-inch of B-side covers, like Iron & Wine’s tender rendition of “Such Great Heights,” and remixes, wherein dance music for bookworms gets transformed into, well, dance music. Included here is an example of the latter, and a couple for the uninitiated…what few of you are left.

8 Replies to “Postal Service”

  1. I love The Postal Service! I am really looking forward to more out of both of these guys. They are extremely talented – and are a great combination.

  2. Yeah, these guys are awesome, but I'd have to say that I'd rather have Ben Gibbard working on Death Cab for Cutie instead.

  3. “Like who shot Jonh F. Kennedy? It was just a man with something to prove, Slightly bored and severly confused he, steadied his riffle with the target at the center. And became famous on that day in November” Man I wish I could learn how to write such righteous lyrics.

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