Rapping about the rap lifestyle anymore comes off as uninspired straw-grasping. But when it’s rolling off Project Blowed crewman Busdriver’s tongue it sounds more like the demon spawn of Cornel West, H.L. Mencken, and Jon Stewart — and believe me, that would be some demon friggin’ spawn. In a genre full of cultural critics, Busdriver is the guy whose intelligent sarcasm almost always exceeds his peers yet is funky enough to let the masses in on the joke. I wouldn’t want to be holding the other microphone in a rap battle with this cat, but I’d sure want to be in the studio audience.


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  1. He’s Got Style, He’s Got Skill, He’s Busdriver, taking you on a wild ride of dope ryhming skills so amazing impossible its hard to tell if he’s ryhming faster than record breaking speed MC Twizta (We all know he is) Making his first public appearence on the Playstation 2 game Tony Hawks Underground which is where I picked up his vibe.

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