Louis XIV

When bands name a song after themselves, one of two things happen. It sucks or it doesn’t. There’s no room for middle ground. They’ve got the mojo to pull it off, or they don’t. Louis XIV pull it off. Louis XIV don’t suck. This is no news to the good people of San Diego where Louis XIV’s cup o’ mojo hath runneth over for years. Their smart, swaggering lyrics over garage riffs demand immediate attention. Word has it they just inked a deal with some big, fancy label so these tracks may not be available for long. Ignore at your own risk. (Thanks to Alec for the reminder on this one!)


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  1. Nice. “Louis XIV” sounds like a great post-Chinn & Chapman SWEET song without silver platform boots, the Hitler mustache or the Max Factor – while “God Killed the Queen” makes me think the Beatles might have sounded like this if they were put in cryogenic storage right after Revolver and thawed out in the days prior to Nirvana’a Nevermind. Gut Schtuff.

  2. man strap me up and make me scream is all i realy have to say these boys kick ass but then again they already know that now dont they

  3. This band is un-believeable i love them soo much, i bought there cd and i say it is a must buy. thanx and again they rock.

  4. Louis XIV is a fabulous band. I happened to see them with Hot Hot Heat a few weeks ago and they were unbelieveable. They're incredibly talented and have great stage presence. I managed to get to talk to the lead singer a little after the show and he was super nice and really cool. After the concert I had to get their CD and I've been listening to it non-stop. They're definately a new band to watch out for.

  5. I saw the last 20 minutes of The O.C. last week. They had Louis XIV's God Killed the Queen playing over and over again for dramatic effect.

  6. This band is goin places, i immediatly liked their style when i heard them in "finding out true love is blind". They blend classic rock and modern rock into a perfect mix. I would listen to this over bands like jet and the killers. They Are Great.

  7. I like what I've heard, BUT! Their singers style is a complete rip-off of Finn from The Hold Steady. Go listen to the swish and you'll understand. I don't know what to say, I really like both bands, but who came first or does it matter??? Maybe they can tour together????? Who cares, It's good tunes!!!!!

  8. Man- I stumbled upon these guys, and have to admit, it’s been a while since I heard music as good as this in a while.
    Rock on.

  9. Oh my god Louis XIV kicks ass! I burned a CD with all of my favorite songs no it by the killers, white stipes, and the postal service, but on madder how much i love all of the other songs, i keep finding myself skipping to track 13, “finding out true love is blind”, if you dont like this music you have no taste what-so-ever…

  10. I was just at there show here in London on wednesday the 20th and might i say they were incredible. Out of every group i have EVER seen live.. that show put together was the best ive ever seen and i wished it didnt end. Jason Hill= amazing guy he came and got me out of the crowd sat down with me talked about music and then we went back stage and talked more… seriously a great bunch of guys, really nice people. They are going to be huge so watch out World! Louis’ back!

  11. i just saw Louis XIV last night opening for Hot Hot Heat. they were awesome. after the show i was talking to the lead singer after the show he was so amazingly nice. i didn’t think talent and nicness came in the same package.

  12. yes, jason hill is a very amazing man. i hung out with him after the show in toronto..but our talk was very brief, so he put my name on the guest list for their next show in a month…hopefully we'll get to hang out more….it's so refreshing to hear a band this good

  13. heard them, loved them,unique
    sound this band has it together
    god killed the queen just makes me have to plug into my amp and play just wish i vould get tabs for them the only one ive found is for true love is blind

  14. Members of this band are former members of the san diego based Convoy. They had a good sound too . Jason and brian are just natural performers, that should have been big with convoy but there new sound is what the public wants. Check out old Convoy music, if you like this band you will like Convoy as well.

  15. Hey, I only just discoverd this awesome band! I did not know Convoy but I love the band now. Their music is so unique and can only be appreciated by their loyal fans. I kinda like the lead vocalist!

  16. I saw Convoy (now Louis) for the first time in 2001 in a small coffee shop in Ocean Beach, San Diego. I loved them then and wish they still rocked “Table Dancer.”

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