On one level, Saskatchewan’s own Epic is the antithesis of every rap stereotype. He’s an aging, vegetarian Newfie with no loot and an arrhythmic drawl that makes him sound more like the next Rappin’ Duke than the next Eminem. On another level, he’s true hip hop. Epic clearly lives to serve sucker MCs, rap what he knows, and make heads nod…he just does it on his own refreshingly unique terms.

(Even more MP3s are available at the Clothes Horse site. But, if you find yourself hitting rewind like I did, do the right thing at Phonographique.)


3 Replies to “Epic”

  1. “Epic is the new it.” Lot’s of heat on the show playing this album. Up there with William Shatner boy.
    -Lu “TGIF” CJSF 90.1 FM

  2. these beats are sick, great production… epic has his own ‘flow’ and he’s straight up about his approach. peace to epic and everyone from Beat Combers

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