Camper Van Beethoven

3hive is more than just a good time, it’s an education. Today’s lesson covers one of the classics. If I may share, the very first t-shirt I made myself (designed and screened!) as a skinny 16 year old was a Camper Van Beethoven t-shirt. The second was a legendary Memphis band, Think as Incas, but that’s another story. CVB — while one of the founding fathers of indie rock — was really all things to all people, genre-hopping as they felt so inclined. ‘Cause, you know, it really was all about the music. The new album from the re-united CVB, New Roman Times, comes out in October.

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  1. Check out this Memphis Magazine interview with Dave Shouse, a founder of Think as Incas and the Grifters, who put out 2 albums on Subpop. The Incas drummer Paul Buchignani went on to join the Afghan Whigs.
    The Memphis Flyer included the Incas song "The Great Kissoff" in their list of Best 50 songs from Memphis here
    They released a 6-song EP called Palestine One Mile in 1988 On Doink Records. Now I'm compelled to get my boxes of tapes out of storage and find that sucker…

  2. Thanks,
    I must admit, I had a sort of self-serving reason for asking. Along with David Shouse, Davis McCain, and Paul Buchignani, I was a founder of Think As Incas. After a couple of transient bassists, Tee Cloar finally defined that role for us. Tee, Paul and I have a new band that plays once a year at St. Patrick's Day celebration at Murphy's in Memphis. ( It's nice to hear we are not totally forgotten. I'd love to see that tee shirt you produced. I still have virgin vinyl copies of Palestine One Mile if you're interested.
    C Ya

  3. "Take off your shoes and hang out the window/cause we might drive forever." That opening line from Palestine One Mile drove me on as I felt like I had been driving forever, looking for the sign on I-40 that literally reads
    1 mile
    at the end of a horrendous drive home from college for Christmas. I'd hitched a ride with a friend, but in the winter our 28 hour drive had turned into a 38 hour drive due to snow. We'd had a short in the electrical system of his old car, none of the lights worked, we'd rigged the headlights straight to the battery, the radio was out, and I'd lost my driver's license. On my Walkman I played Palestine One Mile over and over, hoping not to get pulled over before I could see that blessed sign. Not quite the happy roadtrip that was subject of the song, but the importance of the sign was just the same.
    My t-shirt has long since been destroyed, being passed down thru five brothers, but I found a photo of it and another photo that shows a second Incas t-shirt I'd made. I'll be getting them posted on 3 hive shortly. I must warn you they are pretty lame in a 1988 sort of way. Tie-dye was cool back then!
    I'd love a vinyl copy.

  4. Cool story. As far as I know, that sign's still there. I'm pretty sure I can hook you up with the vinyl. I tried to get your email address from this page, but couldn't. Contact me and we'll work out the details.
    Thanks for the memories!
    C Ya

  5. Hello, this message is for Paul Buchignani, I came across you name on-line… I too am a "Buchignani" and was wondering if by some chance we are related? we had a huge family reunion this last summer In Healdsburg, California and about 280 family members showed up! just wondering what branch of the family tree you may be from? Buchignani is not a common last name in America…only in Lucca, Italy where my great grandparents came from! Just wondering?

  6. For Jennifer Buchignani
    My mother was a Buchignani from Lucca. I have visited there twice and discovered that the name is very common and not all the families are related. I went to a cemetary in San Macario just a couple of miles out of Lucca and found dozens of Buchignani grave markers, but not all were my family. Even while in Rome, if I mentioned the name Buchignani, people would say, "that name is from Lucca in Tuscany". If you have not visited the area, I can tell you that you will love it. Molto bello!

  7. Paul Buchignani,
    my father and i are in lucca now trying to research family tree. any tips? there are many here and we walked away from kentucky without info. mary p.s. hello to your dad

  8. Hey Paul, I just discovered you e-mail response from Dec. 06'. Thank you for taking the time to write back! Yes, I too have visited Lucca, and I tell you I would have moved there yesterday…I travel to Europe every other year…& I will visit next year with my family…I love Italy- If you have any other info…drop a line!
    and Ciao !

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