Viva Voce

They say you should never go into business with your spouse, but — Jim and Tammy Faye, Sonny and Cher, Siegfried and Roy notwithstanding — here’s another reason why “they” aren’t always right. Viva Voce, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson to their neighbors, play woozy, psychedelic pop as though the ’60s were just a warmup. “Alive With Pleasure” takes their sound to even higher heights with a searing intro, which then swoops down into the lily-spotted valley that is Anita Robinson’s voice, then soars back up to the sky leaving behind a vapor trail of handclaps. Hmm, sounds like a treatment for a music video…everyone here is under non-disclosure, capice?

3 Replies to “Viva Voce”

  1. I love Viva! I saw them in Boise a month or so ago and they were fucking awesome! The new record is the shit, glad to see the post here!

  2. oh man, i just went through a viva voce dose. all their three albums. i was knocked out. their songs are absolutely beautiful. a mixture of fantastic female vocals, dreamy but never sissy instrumentation and an overall feel of the fantastic. they are amazing.

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