The Black Keys

The two-man jam might make you think of the White Stripes and the name doesn’t do anything to discourage the comparison. So you might as well just go with the roadhouse flow and enjoy some new and old from the duo with the reverb to shake your favorite parts and the quiet side to make you wanna kiss somebody sloppy.

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  1. Wow! Being an old geezer, THe first thing I thought was, "Bad Company" with some energy, actually, I think I like these guys way better than that. What a way to wake up and get the day started. Thanks for exposing me to this band.

  2. If your going to listen to The Black Keys then don't compare them to The White Stripes. The Black Keys are in a much higher league when it comes to making music. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of THE BLACK KEYS – THE BIG COME UP on ALIVE/TOTAL ENERGY RECORDS(I recomend the vinyl version, it features bonus tracks). It's there first and best album. FREAKIN' AMAZING. also check out my radio show at every THURSDAY MOURNING 6-9!!!

  3. Yes…Music geek is right. Comparing The Black keys to white stripes is comparing apples to peanut butter sandwiches… both good but very different.
    I really like "the big comeup"…less perfect but more "RAW" sounding. Unfortunately I don't have the linyl version so I don't have the bonus tracks.

  4. they dont sound like bad company…. they dont sound like anything, they are just excellent (im not old either)

  5. Do yourself a favor and do not miss their live show. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. And Dan and Pat (yeah, I'm on a first name basis with them) couldn't have been nicer.

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