The Fiery Furnaces

You know what they say about the Fiery Furnaces: an MP3 is worth a thousand words. So rather than listen to me babble, just download and listen.

2 Replies to “The Fiery Furnaces”

  1. Definitely the most overrated album of 2004. :/
    I really don't see why the entire blogosphere is circle jerking around this band.

  2. I felt the same way the first few times through ìBlueberry Boatî (which, we all know, this particular track doth not hail from). I found the whole thing annoying. For some reason I kept listening. In fact, I listened to almost nothing else for a week straight. Love bloomed. Was it just because I had invested so much time in it? After all, that's the only reason I love my children.
    Anyway, all we can say ìdefinitelyî is that "Blueberry Boat" is one of the most divisive albums of 2004. Patriots cherish it, terrorists plot against it, etc., etc.

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