Folk is well on its way to becoming the sound du jour thanks to the likes of Andy Cabic and the group of friends and neighbors he enlists (Devendra Banhart, Hope Sandoval, Joanna Newsome, and Colm O’Ciosoig) in crafting a collection of acoustic gems lined with daydream edges. An extravagantly simple melody that you can really sink your ears into.

3 Replies to “Vetiver”

  1. Whoa! I was just talking earlier today about how I like that band who has the first track on Golden Apples of the Sun (folk music compilation CD) and would like to know more about them. Then I come here, and lo and behold…

  2. I happened upon Joanna Newsome
    performing the other night
    on the Jimmy Kimmel show – I
    came away really intrigued,
    enough that I'll buy her

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