While Liz Phair’s spent the new century embedded in VH1’s Culture Vultureplex, Mirah’s been embedded in evergreen indieland (that’s Olympia, Washington) making sweet and musically adventurous paeans to relationships, politics, and many of the other things that make us think about more than our cholesterol. “Jerusalem” is the only new track here, but it’s worth downloading the others to see how easy it is to fall in love with a singer whose mind is as irresistible as her disarmingly delicate voice.


6 Replies to “Mirah”

  1. Mirah has a voice so soft and sweet it can bring me to tears. If youappreciate beauty youmay just fall in love with Mirah.

  2. Mirah has been one of my favorite bands since who knows when. Some of her better stuff tends to fall into her first release, "Advisory Committe." The title track from this album is one of the most emotional,gut-wrenching songs that you will ever listen to. (This song and others can be found at kpunk.com as well!)

  3. Mirah is the most amazing all around musician my ears have ever had the priviledge of hearing.
    Her songs are so intense, and beautiful, you lose yourself in the music.
    As long as I have her CDs in my stereo the world could come crashing down around me as I contently sang along.

  4. Just to give everyone a heads up, a live recording of a Mirah show is coming out in mid-March on Morning Light Records. It's going to be a limited edition 12" record, with the CD coming out this summer.

  5. listen to the song "The Light," her voice is absolutely amazing in that song. i saw her perform it live, it was very powerful.

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