Some songs inspire me to write music. Mantler’s like that. Simple melodies I can get my head around. I imagine myself sitting down at the piano and fiddling around with a few keys until a riff comes to life. If only I could pull myself away from this QWERTY keyboard for two minutes…and I’d have to find a drummer (ain’t got a lick of rhythm).

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  1. approximately 4000 bengal, 1200 indochinese, 400 sumatran, 150 siberian, and 50 south china tigers remain.
    tigers have color vision and can see in the dark six times better than humans.

  2. It may inspire you to write music, but since I already *do* write music, this guy just inspires me to start spreading mine around more. My first thought was "ugh, that voice…" but my mp3 player just looped to the beginning of the song, and now that I'm used to his voice, it's a pleasant little song (the first link)…

  3. In one of the comments above
    Posted by: shelly at July 29, 2004
    It says the number of siberian tigers is 150.
    That is wrong, according to the latest count done last year, numbers of wild amur tigers are about 500 now.
    In the winter of 2004-2005 almost 1000 people
    did a full range count of amur tigers in the
    Russian Far East.
    The results came up with,
    adults- 334-417
    cubs- 97-112
    The count before this one in the winter of
    1995-1996 gave,
    adults- 330-370
    cubs- 85-105
    For more information about this count
    please see web-page below.

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