4 Replies to “Magnus”

  1. hi
    it took me some time to reach this blog but what i hear makes it worth!
    cool design and nice selection of tracks
    that magnus track is ace
    i'll check more 'bout him

  2. Happy you found us.
    Happy to find Magnus as well. I was pretty ho-hum about CJ Bolland’s music (and to be honest I never dove deep into it), but the musical marriage between he and Tom Barman (dEUS–who impressed me right out of the gate) makes me want to revisit both artists.
    Happy hiving!

  3. found you trough stumble upon.
    excellent site.
    If you like dEUS, check out :
    mintskov luna, CD : M for means and L for LOVE.
    fine belgian alt. rock.

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