10 Replies to “!!! (chk chk chk)”

  1. here's the official pronunciation guide from the band's bio: "!!! is pronounced as any three repetitive sounds. Common interpretations are chicchicchic, powpowpow, uhuhuh, among many unlimited possibilities." personally, i prefer three quick handclaps.

  2. Saw these guys last night in Omaha. It turned into a huge dance party! One of the best live bands I've seen. These guys drop the funk like a bird drops sh*t!

  3. Imagine someone running up to you and saying, “Man, you gotta listen to” and then clapping their hands thrice. Weirdness.

  4. These guys are absolutely amazing. Discovered them about 2 years ago. Anyone have any good info about them? Offical homepage? I can’t find anything really.
    P.S. If you havn’t heard their song ‘Intensify’…GET IT.

  5. theyre on tour right now with red hot chili peppers in europe, i think. its on their site. i just googled !!! (chkchkchk) and it came up

  6. OMG!!! I’m addicted to this song! I’m going to need a 12-step program to go off this band ….. aw, naw, I’ll keep this addiction!!!

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