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  1. I looooove Dios. I saw them live with The Walkmen and they were much better than them. Plus, you gotta love their circa 1995 style website design.

  2. yea i thought they were called dios malos too.
    cos i have some of their stuff off the oc. and the name is definitely dios malos.
    just to clear that up.

  3. yeah, they had to change their name to dios malos sometime after i posted this… i think due to a lawsuit from ronnie james dio (or is that just an ugly rumor?)

  4. Not a rumour…
    I got it straight from the horse's mouth. (Stupid Ronnie James Dio, they couldn't a fford a lawyer). They changed to Dios Malos, but they do, and always will rock. Buy the album, losers!

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