Audio Learning Center

Audio Learning Center were once members of grunge-era misfits Pond and Sprinkler, bands that disappeared before anyone could notice. “Stereo,” pairing anthemic crescendos with Chris Brady’s endearingly fragile vocals, may just right that wrong.

4 Replies to “Audio Learning Center”

  1. Maybe its just me . . . but I hear a Pixies/Radiohead vs GooGoo Dolls (namely the A Boy Named Goo album). Very choice.

  2. For some reason this reminded me of Further Seems Forever's "Tonight A Three Hour Drive" even though on second listening it sounds nothing like it. Weird.

  3. i saw pond at the bar & grill (slc) with 10 other ppl in '93. a few years later i met the singer at a party in ptld, or. he spilled wine on my shoe. oh yeah, i liked this track – it made my left nipple itch.

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