Her Space Holiday

We’ll keep adding MP3s ’til the wheels come off… Our growing talent showcase proves again (if needed) that emotronica wiz Marc Bianchi can play confessional singer/songwriter, bedroom beatslinger, or sampler symphonist with equal artistry. And yet, somehow, my man still finds time to get his remix on.


4 Replies to “Her Space Holiday”

  1. Oh my god, a friend introduced my to Her Space Holiday a while ago…
    It's so wonderful.
    Strangely soothing and relaxing and just generally a joy to listen to.
    I reccommend it…

  2. i raelly like her space holiday alot i put one of his songs on my sleeping mix and ifind myself pressing repeat to fall asleep to it rather thatn the other twenty songs on the cd…ive heard the first five way too many times…
    (by the way in reference to his name im pretty sure its marc bianchi not matt)
    wellnus and happiness to you

  3. right you are, serafina. *matt* bianchi, as it turns out, is a high school football coach in oswego, ny. sorry, marc, wherever you are…

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