Strangelights is perhaps the perfect name for a psych-influenced rock band. One with sitar-like guitar, maracas, and a wah-soaked guitar riff. This Minneapolis trio has all that and more. And by more I mean a singer who is a dead-ringer (vocally) for Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen, but don’t make that the only reason to download “Planet Vesusvius.”

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While it had been a few years since Polara’s last release, Ed Ackerson did put out a solo album last year, following it up this past May with the new Polara album Beekeeping. It continues the time-tested, 3hive-approved Polara formula of throbbing, wah-soaked mod psych fuzz-pop.

Original Post 4/9/2005:
Ed Ackerson, the main man in Polara, had an earlier mod/power-pop band called the 27 Various. I first bought an album of the 27 Various just because of one sentence on the back cover. They proclaimed their avoidance of a certain musical equipment manufacturer under the song listing by declaring “The 27 Various are proud to be {manufacturer’s name removed} free.” I didn’t like that company’s amps anyway, so I bought the CD. Ed moved on to bigger and better things with Polara, whose song “Counting Down” from their album Clean is still one of my favorites. Polara’s got a new EP out to whet our appetites for a full length LP in the fall; unfortunately no MP3s, so in keeping with Citizen Bird from the other day, here’s some earlier examples of Polara’s soulful fuzz-pop. And Ed, if you’re reading, I’m still {manufacturer’s name removed} free!
Addendum: New EP means new MP3! Polara’s now offering “Thirty Seconds” from their new EP. Enjoy!

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Missing Numbers

Happy New Year from 3hive!

So as I was reviewing songs I had downloaded in 2006 but never posted—you know, just to see what I forgot about last year—I came across the Minneapolis band Missing Numbers hiding on my hard drive. Haunting, dark, moody, suspenseful, and darn catchy. So much music, so little time…

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