So Many Dynamos

Finally! I’ve been sitting on So Many Dynamos for a little while now, trying to wait for their new album before posting about them. These St. Louis fellas have recently spent time as Emperor X’s backing band and extensively touring themselves. All that time on the road and all the shows have helped them find, focus, and refine themselves. The goal: to make you dance. The result: crashing drums, frantic vocals, equally frantic guitars, a horn section, a 30 member choir, carnival instruments, and lots of dancing in the living room.

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Revolutionary Hydra

Remember the Dutch Elms from a couple weeks ago? Remember I said I didn’t know anything about them, other than their ability to create pure pop? Well, I’ve since discovered the Dutch Elms and the Revolutionary Hydra have something in common: songwriter extraordinaire Jay Chilcote.

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Bellingham, Warshington (as my dad would say) can just crank out pop-rock bands, while still maintaining a very high ratio of good-to-not-good bands. Racetrack, well, they help the ratio on the good side. Throwing around big hooks and a raspy guitar, this three-piece is driven by Meghan Kessinger’s steady singing, aided on their debut album by Death Cab for Cutie‘s Chris Walla. And how do Racetrack describe themselves? “Picture riding a go-kart while eating a pickle.”

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