The Arrogants

What’s in a name? Well, first of all, it’s the most important step in forming a band. There’s making lists and researching and polling and arguing; it’s more intense than naming your child. Our cat is actually named what was the #2 (hence, losing) name on the list for the last band I was in. Second, it’s gotta be something that’s gonna catch your target audience. You know, ska bands incorporate the word “ska” into their names, metal bands use words linked with death, and whatnot. So the name is going to be descriptive. The Arrogants, however, really don’t follow that. Based on the name, the casual reader would think they were a British glam band, when in actual fact, The Arrogants play delightful pop, some bouncy, some happy, some folksy. Although perhaps that’s their secret; it’s takes a little cockiness, some arrogance, to make pop this good. Their new album You’ve Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye features 23 songs, and their previous two albums are available for free download from their site.

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So while I’m listening to Kawaii, my better half asked (or rather accused), “Are you listening to ’80s music?” I could only reply, “No, it’s Kawaii.” Sure Kawaii may take their name too seriously — “kawaii” is Japanese for “cute” — but don’t confuse them with the other ’80s electronic imitators (good and bad) out there. The keyboards, the boy/girl vocals…it’s all tinged with the influence of Esquivel, the master pop hipster, as heard in the fluttering electronic samba of “Friends Make You Lonely.”

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