The Barr Brothers

I love being on the prowl for new music, scouring the web, looking for one of the thousands of musical gems that are out there hiding in cyberspace. I hang out in the WOXY Lives room at quite a bit, I have found this place to be a great place to hear new stuff and talk with people who have similar musical tastes. This is where I first heard The Barr Brothers. I don’t remember which song was played, I just remember having the “I have to check these guys out” moment. I am sure glad that I did.

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, The Barr Brothers are a four-piece folk band comprised of brothers Andrew, and Brad Barr on drums and guitar, with Sarah Page on the harp, and Andres Vial on keys, bass, vibes, and percussion. Their self-titled debut came out in September of 2011, it is a must have. Secret City provided us with two songs for your listening/downloading pleasure. Enjoy these tracks, then go out and buy their album.

The Barr Brothers – Beggar In The Morning from S/T (2011)

The Barr Brothers – Give The Devil Back His Heart from S/T (2011)

The Barr Brothers

Secret City Records

Miracle Fortress

The sophomore record by Montreal-based Graham Van Pelt (dba Miracle Fortress) is single-handedly satisfying my seasonal synth-pop jones. The single, “Miscalculations”, is an achingly perfect jam that sounds as right today as it would have 25 years ago. It will ease its way into even the hardest of hearts, mark my words. Miracle Fortress is currently touring with Junior Boys, which should make for a double scoop of synth-pop goodness.

Miscalculations from Was I The Wave? (2011)

Patrick Watson

Sean posted Psapp a few times, and they had a song on Grey’s Anatomy, and this post been one of 3hive’s most popular ever. Patrick Watson had a song on Grey’s Anatomy, so hey, give the people what they want, right? He also just won or was nominated for some Canadian music awards — Polaris Prizes, Juno Awards, that sort of thing. I’m thinking Waston and the rest of this Montreal quintet could call themselves M. Rufus Buckley and you’d all get the drift. These tracks are from the band’s 2006 album Close to Paradise, which had a US release the day before yesterday.

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